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FEDERATE CONTROLS is an Electrical, Mechanical and fire detectors installation Contractor firm that provides quality engineering solutions and custom engineering services with the highest integrity to a diverse clientele in the industrial and commercial sector. Our range of services is as follows:-

Fire Alarm and Fire Protection System.

FEDERATE CONTROLS are Professional Installers of the latest in fire safety alarms and security system.

Our business security system include multi sensor detector, Access Controller, CCTV Surveillance System, panels etc. whether it be a small domestic alarm system or a large industrial unit. We have the expertise and professionalism needed to provide the perfect bespoke solution for your needs.

CCTV System: – The CCTV Installation Service we offer can range from the installation of one camera to a multiple camera set up. Available for live viewing/ Recording

Fire Protection System: – Supply, Erection and Commissioning, External-Internal Hydrant, Fire Sprinkler System, Plant Room Piping, etc., Equipment and Instrumentation, CFO. Approval and Certification.

Public Address: – PA Systems whether you are part of an acoustic act, a small combo, a band or you’re looking for a PA system for meetings or a school, Church, hall or Club.

Door Access: – Federate have vast experience in adding Security through Door Access System to private and commercial properties.

  • Direct wired system and IP Based.
  • PC System offer total control Solution,
  • Personal data base, photo id and Badge printing

Detection System: – Fire detection and alarm System Consist of fire detectors and manual call point placed at strategic location and connected by cabling through a control panel.

IBMS: – WE also provide our service for Building Management System. It’s a computer based control system installed in buildings. The function of BMS is to control and monitors the building’s mechanical/ electrical equipment such as air handling and cooling plant system, lighting power system, fire system and security system

CCTV Surveillance System: – We also take care of your personal security. CCTV Surveillance System s the first aid of defense for personal and premise security. In this system cameras are properly targeted to deter offenders to reduce the level of crime and to increase the safety.


  • Erection of Indoor/Outdoor Transformers

Indoor transformers are very useful in the basements of malls/hotels/offices as they are protectedly installed, always in your custody.

  • Designing and Installation Control Room

Designing and control wiring, installation of panels

  • Installation of Panels and electrical meters

Installation of LT Panels, MCC Panels, Breakers and Motors etc.

Electrical Meters are very useful over distributed/shared line for monitored reading of electricity units.

  • Installation of PCC (Power Control Center)

The main power from transformer is distributed further from this point

  • Electrical Distribution

Laying of flexible pipe, GI, SS, PVC, Laying of cable tray, installation of distribution board and panels

  • Erection of Cable Trays

Overhead/ladder type/perforated cable trays

  • Cable Laying

Laying of cables of different types: Armored/Unarmored/Optical Fibre/Led sheated, etc.

  • Light Point Wiring

Wiring in offices, shopping complex, residential apartments, industrial admin block, lighting system

  • Repair and Maintenance

Control Room, Electrical Motors AC/DC, Alternators HT/LT, Control Panels, Over-head lines, Substation, etc.

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts

Sign up for our AMC and sit back and relax, leave all your electrical problems that may arise in your industry/company.

Mechanical Engineering Services

  • Project Work
    • Piping: Fabrication & Erection of CS, SS, Copper Nickel, Aluminum and IBR Piping
    • Structure Fabrication: Build-up Structures, Structural Trusses for Planned Shed, Heavy Machinery Platform, Fabrication and Erection of MS, SS, Chimney and Pipe Rack
    • Tank and Vessels: Fabrication and Erection of MS and SS Tank On Site and Workshop; Fabrication and Erection of Vessels, Condenser
    • Fire Hydrant: Supply, Erection and System Commissioning, External-Internal Hydrant, Plant Room Piping, etc., Equipment and Instrumentation, CFO.: Approval and Certification.
    • Annual Maintenance Jobs for Refinery, Chemical & Fertilizers Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels, etc.
    • Shipping Related Piping Job, Repairing & Fabrication: We provide repair and maintenance services of ships from dry cargo, to chemical tankers, multipurpose commercial vessels, heating coil hydro test and electric works, chemical & gas piping, Equipment installation and surface preparation and painting job.
  • Induction Furnace

We provide the most advanced technological solutions for the automated foundries and steel    plants with state-of-the-art Induction Melting Furnace. Established by professionals with more than 10 Yrs. of experience in installation of Induction Melting Furnace and today company is known for delivering custom built system with guaranteed performance, Quality and Customers satisfaction.

The Company has worked long and hard to establish a reputation for quality and satisfaction in induction furnace Industries. Our latest equipments and qualified workforce allow us to perform quality inspection at different production stages.

Benefits of Medium Frequency Induction Furnace:

  • Lower power consumption and enhanced economy Modern semi-conductor technology and an optimum furnace design minimize the power demand and consumption, thus reducing the melting cost.
  • High operational safety Safe melting operations thanks to continuous, automatic furnace monitoring.
  • Favorable price/performance ratio and long life cycle. The use of standard modules in the melting plant is responsible for its favorable price. These furnace systems are known to be rugged and reliable, minimize total life cycle costs.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain. The advanced furnace design was conceived for quick and easy installation. System operation, monitoring and control are user-friendly and simple.
  • Miscellaneous Mechanical Work:
    • Hot & Cold Insulation of Steam and Chilled Water Pipeline
    • Wrapping and Coating of Underground Pipeline
    • Sand Blasting
    • ARC, Ladle & Induction Furnace Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Different Make
    • VD & VAD Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Different Make
  • Annual Shut Down Job
    • Dismantling, Erection and Modification Pipeline and Structural
    • Modification of Vessels and Tanks
    • Supply of Engineers & Technicians
    • Dismantling and Erection of Static and Rotary Equipments

Ship Reparing

All Pipe Line Work

Cable Tray Laying

Electrical Bus-Bar

Fire Hydrant

Time Attendance

Fire Extinguisher

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